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Title: BlueConnex/EuroConnex (AS29550): Riccom LTD
Post by: MysteryFCM on December 11, 2009, 03:06:11 am
BlueConnex/EuroConnex (AS29550): Riccom LTD (91.212.107.*, AS49038,

Dear BlueConnex/EuroConnex, I wonder if you'd mind explaining to the ladies and gents of the internet, why you have STILL not booted Riccom? Why you continue providing connectivity for them, despite their not being a single legit domain within their IP range!.

BlueConnex/EuroConnex's still providing connectivity is the reason they got a mention in the crimeware friendly ISP's listings, and sadly, to date, there has still not been so much as an auto-response to e-mails sent to them.

There's a whole host of malicious goodness currently over there, and amongst them, is, which of course, is a malicious version of the real, run by my friend Anthony (you'll also notice, it's exactly the same impersonation as the one documented concerning