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August 17, 2007, 09:02:04 am
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...Check it out at:

Quick Description:

This unofficial uploader was written to make it possible to submit multiple files in a batch mode,
and to make it possible to produce reports automatically.
It's written in Perl and should run on most platforms Perl is available (for Windows you can use ActivePerl).
The software (script) is released under the GPLv3.
The supported command line option currently are: [options] [file masks]

 -n --no-distrib The sample is not distributed to AV vendors
 -h --help       Displays this help
 -v --verbose    Output detailed information about the progress
 -b --bb-code    Output the result as BBCode
 -c --csv        Output the result as CSV
 -t --tab        Output the result as tab delimited file
 -m --html       Output the result as HTML
 -l --log=[file] Save the output (the result of the scans) to the specified day

File masks:
 Specifies a file or a group of files to upload and scan