Author Topic: We're running out of domain names.  (Read 6510 times)

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April 08, 2008, 08:16:17 am
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Just some internet drama, I guess journalists must be short of news.

Not enough Bandwidth:

Not enough IPv4 address space:

And some people seem to think we will run out of domain names. We wont have an issue with bandwidth because as technology moves forward, and we discover new ways of doing things, we will have more bandwidth. It just means upgrading cables, not just at exchange points but also to homes. IPv4 address space isn't an issue neither, as we have IPv6, we just need to make the move. There are already websites and IRC servers running IPv6 addresses. I think it just needs a few big players to make the move, so that it can become a standard and others follow suit. ISPs should start providing information for customers, so that their operating systems can support the use of IPv6.

As for domain names, it only seems to be people new to registering domain names that have trouble. Because the name of the site they want is taken. Having a good site name, might help with SEO, but any name will do aslong as it is short and memorable. After all that is the point of having a domain name, they were created so people didn't have to remember IP addresses. So if your domain name is going to be you might aswell just use the IP (providing it isn't shared hosting). A lot of people don't even stick to having short and memorable names anyway. Plus new TLDs can be created.

April 08, 2008, 11:15:00 am
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I think we will see a major jump in people using IPv6 by the end of this year, as the US government's OMB Mandate (M-05-22) forcing them to be running on IPv6 by 30 June will push several other commercial agencies, and government contractors to meet these requirements as well.  Kind of like a domino effect. ;)  Just my thoughts on that.