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March 26, 2008, 01:59:37 pm
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I like NexusFile very much.

official website :
(more information visit

old version :

I'm not good at English. so, I quote review from
NexusFile is an application designed to be a powerful file manager for windows
NexusFile is an application designed to be a powerful file manager for windows.

This program can be your new fast and powerful file manager as a replacement of windows explorer.

You can manage files/folders fast and easily that you couldn't do with a windows explorer.

You can do almost everything with keyboard shortcut besides with mouse.
For expert users, you can manage many files/folders very fast only with keyboard.

Basic Functions: Copy/Move To, Copy/Cut/Past, Delete/Shred, Rename, Change Attributes/Time
Advanced Rename: Rename multiple files at once with many powerful options
Navigate Folders: Favorite Folders, Working Folders, Tabs, Smart Address Bar
Dual Panels: Open two folders at once.
Archives: manages ZIP, ARJ, RAR, ACE archive files
FTP: basic FTP functions
File Join/Split: Split large file into many small files or Join small files into a large file. Merge several text files into a file.
Save File List: Save file/folder list with many formats
Shortcuts: Most functions has a Keyboard shortcut so you can do everything fast.
Multi-language: Multi-language supports with language files.
Skin: you can change the look of a program.
Disk Cleanup: Empty RecycleBin, Delete temporary files, ...
Compare Folders: compare two folders
Unicode: Unicode file name supported
And many other useful functions with easy interface.

first install

left panel - folder tree and finnish

language file, example :

change color

transparent window

1) space bar is select, file and folder
2) "CTRL + A"
3) default ZIP

Extract - "CTRL + E"

first "F10", reading tree information


file split-1

fiel split-2

compare folders


2) write

1) comment delete
2) same file
4) delete wrote comment and "ENTER" // space is no comment

drive change is "SHIFT + C(drive)" SHIFT+D, SHIFT+E...



direct go...
"CTRL + D" : Desktop
"CTRL + W" : My Document

File(Directory) copy : ALT + C
File(Directory) Move : ALT + M
File(Directory) delete : Delete or ALT + D
command line : /
go to parent folder : backspace or .
go to root : \
Hidden folder and file : ALT + Z
change arrtib : CTRL + Z

You can add to external Achiive program and text view

also it can add to external program with FunctionKey

March 26, 2008, 03:14:28 pm
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Seems quite nice,I'll certainly give it a try...
I still have an older copy of Total Commander lurking around here,
it's not freeware though...the nice thing with TC (at least for me),
was the installer unpacker plugins for it,now there are alternative solutions though...

When under *nix systems,well,it usually depends on what comes pre-installed,
but then again,it's more than a few times I've found myself using xnc,he-he,
quite a bit old fashioned I guess...

Now I know this might seem weird for some people,but it's not file managers,
it's the window manager that I really can't leave without...
as I completely dislike Explorer,Gnome,and yes,KDE as well:
I've used Blackbox exclusively under both Win32 and *nix boxes - fits my taste 100%!  8)

He-he...maybe we should start a contest,say like some customization freaks like doing so...
"Show me your...Infected desktop!"  ;D