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Title: Fake DNSBL uncovered:
Post by: MysteryFCM on August 12, 2010, 08:30:15 am
Spamhaus has uncovered a fake spam filter company which was pirating and selling DNSBL data stolen from major anti-spam systems including Spamhaus, CBL and SURBL, republishing the stolen data under the name "".

Nszones operates a 'remove your IP' scam charging naive internet users to be removed from the pirated nszones DNSBLs. Nszones also attempts to sell 'commercial subscriptions' to the pirated nszones DNSBLs.

Owned by Liberian-registered Aegeas Enterprises S.A., based in Greece, was discovered pirating DNSBL data via rsync from Spamhaus, CBL and SURBL and republishing the pirated data under the hostnames ',, and' which was then selling as its own work. Secret seed data which Spamhaus inserts into Spamhaus DNSBL zones to catch data pirates was found in, and

Similarly, the whitelist contains data verified to have been wholly pirated from

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