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Strip Away The GUI


Before Windows and Mac came on the scene with their flashy Graphical User Interfaces we had workable solutions.  I still have a computer that I ran Direct Access where I found out about creating links.  So I can assert without reservation that everything that went into a GUI has it's roots in Microsoft or Apple. Take for instance - Fully Qualified Domain Names:
1) Open your Command Line utility - RUN.
2) Type "ipconfig" click the OK button.
    Use this IP Address to view the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Server.
3)  Type "ping -a IP" where "IP" is the IP address for the computer.  Press ENTER.  The "-a" switch returns the domain name of your server.

All in common DOS commands.

Age-related hiccup!  I could not read my writing "notes" because I did not take my glasses upstairs with me to run the process before I went to the forum.  Re-live step 1):
Change the RUN box by using "cmd.exe".
That's one of the drawbacks when you reach your 81st birthday!

If you want a really-great desktop shortcut - use the following location URL:
A good name would be "Run174" - however, the "command" command does not work.  Use the "cmd.exe" to bring up the correct Command Line input box.
Also - use this syntax to create a text file for any topic:  (see attached screen snapshot).


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