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GPU Process Reversal?

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A Windows PC can't be mistaken for MAC OSX because you have Apple software for Windows.

Post the obfuscated URL or path to download - PortQueryV2.


You stated "I finally found a way to block it from spreading to other systems.  The fix was sent to Steve Gibson".
What was that fix ?

Thanks again for your reply.  The fix that I sent to concerned "Little Snitch" that is available on Mac OX-2 but missing from Microsoft Windows Vista so my suggestion was suppressing UDP Port 34522 or possibly blocking the port.  Here is the reply that I received back from Gibson Research:

Much as we would truly love to help everyone, we are unfortunately
unable to provide individual one-on-one assistance for questions
arising from the ShieldsUP! site.  It is a completely free service
hosting approximately 25,000 people per day.  The best we've been
able to do is assemble some comprehensive self-help pages where you
will be very likely to find an answer.  Please see the ShieldsUP! FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions) page
<> for all the specifics.

We have updated the "advice" pages
<>, and we even obsoleted the need
for the NoShare and LetShare utilities.  We have come up with ways to
achieve their results WITHOUT any additional software!

Unfortunately, we don't have time to review every product out there
but what we have checked out can be found on our ShieldsUP! firewall
pages <>.

If you find that you *do* still need individual help, please take
advantage of our very active and terrific online ShieldsUP! user
group forum <>. There you'll find
hundreds of helpful people who are anxious and able to provide the
assistance you require.  The "Discussion" page
<> will explain the use of the
forum and help to get you started.

Lastly, GRC and Steve have Twitter accounts and Blogs that can be
easily subscribed to in order to receive periodic news and
updates.  Please see our <> page for all the details.

Thank you for your understanding.


Greg McIntyre
Gibson Research
Technical Support 

And here is the URL where you can download PortqryV2:

I am attaching a text file that I extracted in order to print the syntax.  Let me know if you need anything else?  How about tasking me with a research request so that I can showcase my contributions to Google Chrome?


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