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How can it be when Advanced Info is used by others.....?

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Lets take it one by one:

The Domain

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

is kind of brandmarked, with following register

But at this point:

Four (4) Scanner ID it as malicious. But here noone knows anything:

except for Nine (9) others.
Someone knows an explanation upon this ???

Especially when you consider following Quote:

--- Quote - According to this site contains a heuristic indicating that it can harm your computer. It was detected and reported in August/September 2011. Take care when visiting this web site.
You can find more details with a search on at
--- End quote ---

I have searched, but didnt come up with the right answer. Help in comprehending is a Wish.

Site is running WordPress, so it's entirely possible it was compromised. Not seeing anything now though.

I`ve got that. But it (The Malware-Report-Reputation-System) does not, explain it the way some "USUAL" could trace back the main Process, especially in claerancy in connection to a possible compromise. Or not ?

Sorry, in my first post i forgot the link, introducing the Quote from MarkGiles. See:

and that "Report" is kind of bothering

Bear in mind, his comment is from March 2011. I'm over MyWot as well so will drop him a PM on there.


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