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How to get my site off from your list


Hi guys

One of my sites (probtp-benevoles[dot]com) was infected by a malware last December, and which has been deleted since then. In fact I have even changed my server since then. However, it seems that during that time you / your bot visited the said site, and you listed this as a malware producing one.

I wanted to tell that the site is a legitimate one, and the presence of malware was not intentional.

I would be thankful to you if you could please take the necessary steps to take it off from your list of infected sites.

Best regards

Hi Jeremy,

your site has been removed from our database.

Thanks a lot SysAdmini, I really appreciate that  :)

Any idea on how to get the site unlisted from Those guys are not as efficient as you are, and I have sent them a number of mails without any reply, nor action.

PS. I have contacted the guy Anthony today by PM after learning that he is a member of this forum.

I sent a message to Anthony. He replied that he removed your site yesterday.


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