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[Suggestion] PeerBlock format

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I'm a new member here, and I'd like to start with a suggestion. If we don't suggest, we never know if it would have been worth suggesting it, right? ;)

I'd like to know what you guys would think of providing a list in PeerBlock format, by also displaying which domain is being blocked. I don't know if you guys are aware of how PeerBlock format is like, but it goes like this:

<some info here>:<start IP>-<end IP>



In this example the IP is the same one. It could be an IP range, of course.

<some info here> - This could be any info explaining what's the source of the IP in question. It would be best if it is the domain name that translates to the blocked IP, so that the we could easily know what the IP being blocked is all about.

You guys could even provide something like:

[MDL IP Blocklist] bad_domain:IP1-IP2

What do you think?

Kind regards

Thanks. I'll think about it.

Very nice idea, cheers :)

I also would like to see this list format. Thank you in advance for the consideration.

Can someone provide documentation for this format ?


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