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Just a quick ...


hello to everyone :)

Figured it was about time I registered here ...

Welcome to the site. A few people from here will be familiar with you, but a few might not, so feel free to give some information about yourself.

hehe will do :)

My name is Steven, and I run several website's/online services under the title of "Ur I.T. Mate Group". I also develop many (freeware) applications including older one's such as Index.dat Suite, Index.dat QV, RF Types, PUI etc, and newer one's such as hpObserver, vURL Desktop Edition and one currently in development called Outlook Export (

In addition to this, I also took over hpHosts (previously maintained by hpGuru) in 2006, and have been maintaining it, alongside the online database of it, ever since.

I'm also actively involved in malware analysis, phishing analysis and takedown, amongst many other things. Including writing several articles;

I only use one nickname on all forums, and thats the same one I've used here. I've also been an ASAP member for quite some time now. Offline I specialise in PC repair and upgrades, and networking (setup and security - mainly in Windows as I've only been "playing" with Linux).

I've got more additional info on myself, available at;

Welcome to the site, I'm Drusepth :)

Cheers :)


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