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Intro to Reverse Engineering - No Assembly Required


Here's a nice tutorial on reverse engineering for newbies:

Part 1:
Part 2:

It's a really good one for those of you with zero experience working with asm and disassemblers.


...there's a really EXCELLENT step-by-step "Intro to Olly" series of tutorials,
with no previous experience required at all...highly recommended.
The only 'problem' is that it's written in Russian...
People though,should certainly not be discouraged by that fact:
with very few minor glitches,Babelfish will do the trick just fine...
Guys/girls that already know their way around the basics of Olly/reversing,
might be interested in the following video tutorials series,kind of "Intro to IDA Pro"...
especially now that IDA v4.9 is released as freeware...


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