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Merry Christmas

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--- Quote from: sowhat-x on January 21, 2008, 03:56:08 am ---Awesome!   :D ;D
And shamelessly stolen it as an avatar,he-he...
hopefully it will make visitors get the idea right away!

In a side-note,correct me if wrong...
but I'm under the impression that MDL lists more than a few members,
which are very impressive artists in their 'actual' daily life...

Others are painting,others have an interest in photography...
others do both (!) of the above....I think I've also seen musicians here...  ;)
So,you guys....instead of having us googling for your 'nicknames',lol...
why don't you also present some of your work here...

...and who knows,maybe at some moment,we'll also declare a...'movement':
after all,it's certainly not only technical,but aesthetic also:
artists against the ugliness of malware...  :)

--- End quote ---

Well, I don't think I have any of my drawings with me right now, so I drew that monster thing..  Since I took it off a google image search, it wasn't actually mine.


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