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Hello... i see my new posts lost

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Edgar Bangkok:
I make some post about malware virustotal scan.
 After this forum offline and message about error server "Sorry for forum down time. Database has a problem, hopefully it wont be offline much longer, providing it can be sorted"
, now i go to see my new post but  lost, same you perform restore old backup ???  and forum data returning back one day   ::)
I try to send now post lost.
Edgar from Bangkok  ;D

Yes, I apologise for this sincerely. I just posted about it here:

I struggle to understand how it happened.

Edgar Bangkok:
Not problem, i think , this site is very good and also forum.
I am Italian live Bangkok, Thailand, and i have one blog about malware and internet security for italian internet users, and i think you malware listsite is very good for know about news malware on the net.

Edgar fro Bangkok   ;)

Edgar Bangkok:
Sorry if i disturb you but i see my mail adress show in my post.
I have set Hide email address from public?  in profile but i see always my mail address iin my post and in my profile.
I dont know if problem is my setup options or maybe forum options setup profile.
I dont want my mail address show and then , for moment, i change my mail with other not real  email  address  for avoid spam.

Edgar from Bangkok

Edgar Bangkok:
Sorry if i post many but now i know the mail addreess show problem.
I see if i am logged In forum is possible see all mails users also the option Hide email address from public is set to ON in profile setup.
When i am logout from forum i dont see my mail address and also address others people in forum.
Then i think option HIDE MAIL ADDRESS working only for visitors forum when logout.
I dont know if this system is ok ?? Maybe if one person want collects mails and use for spam make login and then is possible get all address from forum profiles. Yes ??

Edgar from Bangkok


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