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can't get rid of AniSpyware 2008


hey everyone.
I'v got myself infected with some sort of malware. the explorer homepage tell's me the CPU is infected and sends me to download 2008 amtispyware. a quick check tells me the my computer has been attacked by:
"Completetala" and to pay 40$ to the program bla bla bla..
I searched this Completetala but got nothing. Malwarebytes dosent help or any other free software i know "spybot" "adaware" etc..
how can I remove this pest? help..

We don't actually provide removal help here (at least, not as far as I am aware).

Please post a HiJack This log to TeMerc Internet Countermeasures;

... by following the instructions at;

rokiee has already joined my place and I've activated his account.


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