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I keep getting a pop up telling me my system is infected with latest version of Spyware.Cyberlog-X
It then brings up a web page from to upload anti-spyware scanner.
Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of this crap. ???

Hi Rtiger

At first,download and run Microsoft's Malicious Removal tool:
This will make sure no widely spread and well-known rootkits and bots are present there.

Then check this thread out for a list of possible forums,
where people can provide you with exact disinfection instructions:

As a personal suggestion,I would recommend asking for assistance over at MalwareBytes' forum,
as they're specializing exactly in the removal of infections caused by rogue software etc.

For a variety of reasons,we don't "officially" provide disinfection advises for pc end-users,
only for servers that got hacked etc...
But if nothing from the above solves the problem,then please,
do not hesitate to ask back here again for help:
someone will take over your case specifically and help you remove the nasties from there.

I can recommend MBAM from

for removal of fake antivirus software. Today I've cleaned some machines using this tool.
In one case it was necessary to run additionaly Combofix

Thank you very much for the advise. I appreciate it.

MysteryFCM: doesn't seem to be resolving? A WhoIs query is also returning;

--- Quote ---No match for "SECUREOBSERVE.COM".
>>> Last update of whois database: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 17:19:41 EDT <<<

--- End quote ---


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