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August 11, 2010, 05:52:37 am
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hi all,

Feels good to be here :) very informative articles.

I want to research on a product which is being targeted repeatedly by malwares, hackers and other malicious sources.

PDF is a good target but sadly one of my colleague has taken it .... i was thinking a Microsoft product as Windows has a wide reach. One of their products being targeted from some time is IE.

I was thinking of researching how IE is vulnerable, the past attacks, analysis of an attack from a malware showcasing how the malware exploits the loopholes in IE.

This is a very good place for Malware research, need some guidance in this regards.

Any suggestions, pointers on where to get started, how to obtain the malwares, what to use and where to look for information.

any help is highly appreciated :)