Author Topic: Gary Warner's 18,000 InterCage Domains  (Read 5651 times)

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October 08, 2008, 12:51:03 pm
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Gary Warner published a list of 18,034 domains hosted on IP addresses in netspace belonging to intercage.

Since that time intercage has gone offline. So there is a question of what has happened to these domains. Have the owners simply left them behind and registered new domains? I think not...

timed-out     x6,607 / Timed out     x11 / Server failed     x1,459

These are domains which probably have nameservers that are offline.

Non-existent domain     x1,309

Domains that no longer exist (NX) or exist but have the following status or similar, which stops the owner being able to do certain things with the domain to use it.

No address (A) records available     x306

Domains that have no nameservers or nameservers that do not have IP addresses on record for them.

This adds up to 9,692 domains, Just over 50% of the original list. There are 8,357 domains resolving to IP addresses (some domains have multiple A records). A lot of these may be domain parking pages, such as the first result which will show etc... because the domains name servers are using

The IPs below may have more Domains hosted on them, but these are just domains from the 18,000 in Gary Warners list.

<IPs removed>