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August 16, 2012, 05:39:54 pm
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Upas Kit


Upas - a modular http bot that was created with the sole purpose - to save you from the headache. It is an advanced rootkit ring3 having something in common with SpyEye and Zeus. Therefore, the installation occurs "silently" without opoznovaniya antivirus. He is currently working on the next version of Windows: XP, Vista, 7 (Seven), Server 2003, Server 2008. Besides this, "compatible" with all service packs.
The current version of the rootkit is implemented in all 32-bit processes. The application is written in C + +.

By default, the kernel comes with the following modules (additional purchase necessary)

Download / Execute
HTTP Panel

A list of modules that can be purchased separately:

Usb spreader (lnk / autorun)
Form Grabber (IE, FF, Chrome)
FTP Grabber
Flooders Package - SYN / Slowloris / UDP
DNS Hook
Visit (hidden, show)
Post Spreaders

Actual prices of 6/14/2012:

The core of $ 1,000
Usb Spreader $ 200
FormGrabber $ 1000
Recompilation of the same data $ 10
Recompile with the introduction of other data (if DNS were in sheet or block) $ 50

Prices may seem a too high, however, if the degree of monetization and to estimate the efficiency of this software price is reasonable.

Opportunities panel:

Geoip from maxmind
IP blocking if otstuk on gate did not come from the bot
Blocking IP when Brutus data entry
Add / Delete / Manage User
Download history
Scanner Scan2you, using Web requests to scan files, exploits, IP, domains, etc.
Detailed statistics using Google Chart Tools
Captcha at the entrance to the panel making it difficult for password guessing
Simple and easy to add / remove problems with parameters
Prepared a list of sites for Grabing, ability to change site grabber ripped Form (Form Grabber)
Sending a team by country
Simple Installer
English and Russian

Features of the bot:

Antis protection for predovtrascheniya analysis of your file
Decent sized stub
Easily cryptable
It is easy to encrypt
Unlimited number of domains. Otstuk goes on domains, in case of failure is taken next.
Otstuk opportunity for any subdomain


ICQ: 134818

Disclaimer of liability:

Upas Kit software has been created to identify vulnerabilities in the information systems of both private individuals and ogranizatsii.
Upas Kit has never been used to commit cyber crimes and as such can not be.
Buying this product you agree not to violate the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries.
Buying this product you use it at your own risk. Before you download an application on your PC you have to get his consent.
Ruining the bad guy's day