Author Topic: Fireeye:The Business Of Mr. Alexander S Kopylov  (Read 2600 times)

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March 07, 2009, 02:05:58 am
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On the FireEye blog we have talked a lot about Botnets, their CnC coordinates, bad ISPs, etc. You may be curious to know who actually runs these Botnets. Who are these puppet masters and what is their business model? How they work and who are their customers?

There are many questions but the answers are scarce. In this post I will try to answer some of them which often pop up in my mind as well.

Itís no secret that most of the SPAM Botnets are invented in Russia and controlled by Russian cyber-criminals.  Why should I believe this to be the case?  Srizbiís recent comeback gave me some valuable hints to confirm the industry suspicion.
Ruining the bad guy's day

March 08, 2009, 10:58:02 pm
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Damn... Alex was once a friend of mine.
We were both the members of 911CD forum.
Alex is the writer of Bootable CD Wizard.
Those who were interested in bootable CDs 5-6 years ago, they know that there was just Isolinux, CDShell and BCDW bootloaders.

Alex was also the porter of cdrtools Linux package to Windows and his patches are now in main cdrecord/mkisofs tree.

Here is his old site:

He just disappeared from the scene a couple of years ago (my nick is bobby100 on 911CD forum):

I did found some info about his new "businesses" last year, but I didn't post that on 911CD forum.
I decided to let them remember the Reanimatolog as a good guy...