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May 27, 2009, 10:25:28 pm
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MDL now contains Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs).
This makes it easier to find all urls of a specific network.
Many ISPs and researchers had asked for this feature.
Now it's implemented.

We retrieve the ASNs from Team Cymru's service.
It is an excellent service ! Thanks guys.
Their data base on BGP because it is a reflection of what is happening in
real time as opposed to whois records where data and records grow stale over time.

Here is a short php example how you can use their service.
Code: [Select]
function reverseIp($ip)
        return implode('.', array_reverse(explode('.', $ip)));        
    } // function

require_once ('Net/DNS.php');
require_once ('Net/CheckIP.php');

if (Net_CheckIP::check_ip($ip)) {
$ndr = new Net_DNS_Resolver();

$answer = $ndr->search(reverseIp($ip)."", "TXT");
if ($answer) {
  foreach ($answer->answer as $rr) {
    echo trim(strtok($rr->rdatastr(),"|")," \x22\x27");
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