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Thank you sir!  ;D

hehe cheers :)

I've just finished implementing the update into hpHosts aswell :)



Added: Detect all IP's that a hostname resolves to (including rDNS for those IP's)

Modified: Source button now enabled when clicking to view application log before dissecting site
Modified: Redesigned settings dialog
Modified: Various other modifications

There's also a new change on the Links tab, but I'll let you guys see if you can tell what it is ;)

I've just done a couple more updates to hpHosts Online;

1. If no MX records are found for the hostname, it will do an MX lookup for the IP instead

2. WhoIs and Net-block are now no longer displayed by default, to help with loading times. Instead, a linky is displayed to view the information.

3. Previously, when no matches were found in the database for the additional IP(s), you would see "(0)", but not the actual IP - now you'll see the IP aswell :oops:


Knew I'd forgotten something heh ..... I've made a few more modifications to vURL Online, and am almost finished a new update to the desktop edition.


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