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It instals it's self in my index.htm file on my website

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Hi guys I'm new here just joined today.I hope to find help for the fallowin problem -the fallowing link- it  starts with a "<iframe " tag and then goes ----src="" width=185 height=191 style="visibility: hidden">" -----and then it ends up with </iframe> " tag . It instals it's self to my index.htm file on my website and "eats up" 1/3 some times 1/2 of my text there.What can I do to make it go away.I erased it few times but it keeps comming .I wrote to my host but still no responce.Thanks for the help in advance.Kris

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Chances are the code putting it there is in some of your other files.

First and foremost, please replace ALL files on your server with clean copies, and change ALL passwords for your siite (including FTP).

Thanks,I'll start with that- changing my password.Why didn't it cross my mind before?I was looking around and all other files seem to be ok.Thanks again I'll go do it right now.Chhers.Kris

Can you post your sites URL?

If your site uses a database, this will also need checked.

I'd also recommend scouring your site for any files that look suspicious, or have a date on or since, the problem began.

kris: is my modest musician website.I noticed it a few weeks ago.It might have been there before as well .I don't think it has data base.


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