Author Topic: INFO: DO NOT post requests for samples  (Read 102643 times)

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March 26, 2009, 10:16:06 pm
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We would like to inform visitors and members, that Malware Domain List is not here to provide you with samples for your collection (or any other such uses). This board exists as a center for research and analysis only.

Requests for such, will be deleted and the user warned and/or banned.
Ruining the bad guy's day

March 28, 2009, 04:16:48 pm
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  • Guest more note,in order to avoid any future misconceptions / vx-traders and similar from harassing others via pm etc...
We do NOT archive the samples posted here in the first place - furthermore,neither we even care doing so...

PS: 20 months now,we haven't seen any "collectors/traders",helping here in order to blacklist newer crap that's spreading out there:
instead,they prefer to grow in size their own "private collections"...Like this is gonna make the net a safer place somehow.
Few "words to the wise" thereby:
well-known AV product was recently mentioning in it's blog that they've got over 20 million malware samples in their "zoo".
Another well-known AV product has increased it's signature database from 500000 up to...2 million signatures in less than 9 months:
meaning,who knows about how many millions of samples we're talking once again...
I could pretty much go on with other similar examples...under these circumstances,
if there are people who still think there's an actual point today in "privately collecting" malware,
makes them feel "el33t" or something...the "good old times" of exchanging samples over bbs are long now gone...