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Great Job!
Seems that all works fine ;)


Much appreciated, cheers :)

The online version has now finally been updated ....

I've finally gotten round to re-writing the link extraction routine for vURL Online, so you will now also see a list of links contained within the source code of the site you are dissecting.

On top of this, it will also tell you;

1. How many links there are
2. How many iFrames there are
3. How many scripts there are


Added: Connect via proxy
Added: Prompt when iFrames found (previously only highlighted them)

Modified: Re-written malicious link detection routine

Fixed: Minor bug with prompts (scripts etc being found) not being displayed


The "Connect via proxy" option was added for those on ISP's such as Cox, that block known malicious domains, but still need access to them.


Well, I've done a few more updates to the vURL Online site.

First and foremost, I've finally gotten round to updating the FAQ. Let me know if I've missed anything :)

Secondly, I've made a change to the results page. I'm gonna let you guys figure out what the change is ..... and as a hint, query a URL that uses load balancing (e.g. Google's homepage ;)).


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