Author Topic: False IP addresses?  (Read 2994 times)

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August 21, 2009, 07:28:29 pm
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I am in the middle of a massive removal of hosts at / (the monthly crash).  You have removed one host named  It shows up as being parked at  It seems to be in the right IP space.  But all of the hosts at this IP address have hash redirectors that look like in them.  If you start pushing by seeing what the c.php script does they remove all the redirections but the one to  You will of course be denied access to the c.php script itself.  The front end IP addresses involved are:, .  Now they may actually belong to, but I do NOT consider these to be park IPs.  I don't like hash redirectors.  So I am retaining this host and others like it in my file for a while and will be adding an IP rule to my PAC filter since I cannot find who belongs to.  I assume they will immediately replace the IP address used now that I have posted and may start jumping the IP hashing redirector like mad.  I will just have to follow it, and will add the rule changes in my pdate.txt file.