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It is fine, the problem was on my side :)

And thanks again, it gives quite interesting results!


Those using probably have probably noticed the downtime the last weeks. I've been traveling alot lately making it hard to troubleshoot the problem, and very little time for development.  I've just now updated urlquery to my latest development branch, getting the service back online. Very sorry for the long service downtime.

The major updates are:
 - Most of the changes has been in the backend system with a better signature and detection engine in place.
 - It now also spoofs the java version making it easier to spot java exploit since exploit kits will load this code aswell. Currently the java version is hardcoded.
 - It will also create a domain access map from the HTTP requests/responses
      example ->
 - Updates to the report pages

Input and thoughts are welcome.

There are more updates planned for the future :)
(feel free to come with suggestions)

I have missed your service.  I'm glad that  it is back online.

It seems to be confused. It detected the exploits, but still says it's safe?


--- Quote from: MysteryFCM on June 27, 2011, 03:58:58 pm ---It seems to be confused. It detected the exploits, but still says it's safe?

--- End quote ---

The reputation field does not include what urlquery says about it only what other external sites classifies the URL as. This was changed in the update last week, but i'll change it back if this is less intuitive.


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