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It instals it's self in my index.htm file on my website

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it always comes to and to the identical one ---thanks for your time and effort once again.

Has the site already been cleaned? (not seeing any malicious codes there)

I checked both your .css and .js file, and neither are carrying anything malicious either.

It also appears cleaned from here as well, most curious what they did other than change passwords?

Hi ,
I just erased the frame line and changed my password -nothing else.Let's see for how long it's going to last.Anyway google has registered my website as malicious and everytime someone does a search for it (or my name) it shows the link and a warning that it's dangerous to theyr computer.!!!how about that.It will take probably months before they "release me"...thanks again to all.

You can request a review via Google Webmaster Tools.


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