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Not even sure how I can across it..  Was reading a myspace message, and it randomly shows up.  Tried to replicate it to make it show up again, but didn't work after many tries.

--- Code: ---hxxp://
--- End code ---

The main
--- Code: ---hxxp://
--- End code ---
looks shady also.

Thank you.

These sites are known as "Rogue" or "Fraudtool", they often give fake or exaggerated reports of your system, saying it has found malicious software which isn't there as an example. These software are often advertised by malware. They can range from anti-malware programs to registry cleaners etc..

This site will be in the list soon. You can view more Rogue software here:

While listed as Rogue, some sites may also contain other bad things such as links to Zlob or exploits. The exploits may even be to try and install Rogue software.


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