Author Topic: Metropolitan Police e-crime unit arrest two in connection with Zbot/Zeus  (Read 2725 times)

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November 19, 2009, 09:16:23 pm
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More greats news from the malware enforcement world. A couple has been arrested in the United Kingdom for using the Zbot (aka Zeus) trojan to steal passwords and banking details. Unfortunately they are not the authors of the toolkit that’s being used many criminals, but this arrest will likely serve as a deterred for others considering getting started in this type of fraud.

A man and a woman have been arrested for allegedly using a “sophisticated and malicious” virus to infect tens of thousands of computers and steal millions of pounds worth of personal information. The virus, known as ZeuS or Zbot Trojan, bypasses security safeguards to record online bank account details, passwords and credit card numbers. It also copies passwords for social networking sites before causing each computer to forward the data to servers under the control of the hackers.

It has emerged in several guises, including a false Facebook page that encouraged users to download a software update. The information is potentially worth millions of pounds to organised criminals — either to sell or to use themselves.

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