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July 05, 2008, 04:02:41 am
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...after a few internal discussions have taken place,
the decision was taken that access to the "Malicious Domains" sub-section of the forums,
will be temporarily open to the wide public (including guests as well).

Main reason for this decision,is in order for the pages to get cached by search engines,
so that people that are dealing with infection problems and/or webmasters as well,
to be able to discover more easily extra info that might be of help.

A secondary reason as well,is to give other malware hunters out there,
the ability to come in contact with us and meet us in 'practice':
by submitting links/information regarding infected domains etc.
Generally speaking,due to the very exact nature of malware itself,
we tend to work as a semi-closed community of hobbists/researchers,
yet though,we're always open to people actually wanting to join the fight...

There is no "fixed" deadline defined yet,
regarding when this sub-section will be closed to public view again.
It's quite safe though to assume it won't stay open for long...maybe 1-2 weeks maximum.
It will be opened though again from time to time,for the exact reasons mentioned above.

Thanks for your understanding / keep "hunting"  :)