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July 27, 2009, 10:15:41 pm
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I don't know if people know my history but I used to recommend Privoxy.  Because of the current situation I switched to recommending NoScript, at least for Windows machines.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that a SysAdmin for a Math department at a major University in the United States mandated Firefox and NoScript for everybody for security and administrative reasons.  They have less than 3-4 Windows machines, several dozen Sun Solaris boxes, 30-50 Linux boxes and the rest are all Macintosh OS-X.  NoScript on Unix!  It gives you pause to think that is how bad it is getting now.  A lof of department members are complaining but the SysAdmin staff are holding firm. I have NoScript on Windows but not on Linux or OpenBSD.

Another one you may want if you don't have it yet and use Firefox is BetterPrivacy:

It has removed hundreds of flash cookies (LSOs - Locally Shared Objects) for me.  Most are harmless but there are hosts that have entered my hosts lists based on the content of their flash cookies.  I wouldn't dream of going without BetterPrivacy installed in Firefox.