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Hotmail Junk Mail Restrictions


I figured I would reactivate my old hotmail account and start capturing spam, but I have troubles gathering information.

For one, Hotmail has all these security features that first block the message from opening, then blocking the content.  After that, all you can see is the From:, To:, Date Sent:, and Subject: fields.  In Gmail, for example, you have options to view headers and original content - in Hotmail I see nothing of the sort.

Am I just overlooking something, or is Hotmail really that restricted?  Anyone else use a hotmail account to capture spam?

Login to hotmail and go to options. There are two ways of viewing mail, classic or advanced. Change to advanced view. Then if you right click on a mail in your inbox/junk mail, you have the ability to view source. Which shows the message in its original format with all headers. The problem with Gmail, is that it doesn't show you the real IP of the sender. It replaces the real IP with the IP of its servers instead for the privacy of gmail users. The problem with this is that you cannot get the IP of any sender.


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