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May 27, 2011, 03:51:28 pm
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   Alex Kirk - Characteristics and detection of HTTP C&C.pptx   25-May-2011 13:12   1.0M
   Andrei Saygo and Patrik Vicol - How to stop the Daemon.ppsx   25-May-2011 12:35   640K
   Anoirel Issa - Polymorphism and anti anti-virus techniques - A look at recent malware trends.pdf   05-May-2011 08:26   568K
   Anthony Bettini - (In)security in URL shortening and redirection services.pptx   23-May-2011 10:13   1.2M
   Christine Bejerasco - Building a reputation - A session with a website shrink.pptx   25-May-2011 13:07   2.8M
   Chun Feng - The shellcode storm caused by the butterfly effect.pptx   25-May-2011 13:09   3.2M
   Daniel Radu and Bruce Dang - Shellcode analysis using dynamic binary instrumentation.pdf   25-May-2011 12:58   521K
   DonatoFerrante - Java malware.pdf   03-May-2011 23:14   6.7M
   Igor Muttik - Keynote address - Ubiquitous malware and ubiquitous AV.pptx   25-May-2011 13:08   7.2M
   Jindrich Kubec and Jiri Sejtko - Grabbing the PDF by the tail.PDF   25-May-2011 12:32   2.6M
   Jose Miguel Esparza - Obfuscation and (non-)detection of malicious PDF files.PDF   20-May-2011 10:55   1.1M
   Jui-Chieh Wu and Ray Liao - Building world-wide domain reputation.pptx   25-May-2011 13:33   5.3M
   Mikel Gastesi - Banking fraud evolution - New techniques in real fraud cases.ppt   25-May-2011 13:21   4.6M
   Richard Ford - Hardening the net - Building a new platform for security.pptx   25-May-2011 13:22   725K
   Robert Lipovsky, Alexandr Matrosov and Dmitry Volkov - Cybercrime in Russia - Trends and isues.pdf   25-May-2011 13:10   2.5M
   Robert Sandilands - Scaling a viruslab.PDF   03-May-2011 02:30   676K
   Stephan Chenette - Fireshark v2 - An analysis toolkit for malicious web sites.html   27-May-2011 13:21   138
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