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May 06, 2011, 02:43:18 am
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AS43134: CompLife Ltd + DonServers = HOSTSERV (AS42741) = bulletproof hosting for criminals

Ever wonder why some hosting companies try and send you on a "we're waiting, it's resolved, really we're just the innocent victims here, please be patient" game, that results in your getting frustrated and the criminals staying online even longer?

Well, the answer is companies (and I use the term companies loosely in this case) such as Don Servers, which is actually the same "company" as CompLife Ltd (AS43134) who are the same entity as HOSTSERV (AS42741). HOSTSERV for those that don't know, are also known as "ALEXANDRU-NET-TM-AS S.C. ALEXANDRU NET TM S.R.L."

We've known for quite some time that CompLife Ltd are 100% criminal, but thanks to their being rather brazen (and very stupid I might add), they've allowed a simple e-mail address to tie the two of them together;

Steven Burn
I.T. Mate / hpHosts /