Author Topic: RB Communication LTD. = RBN?  (Read 7046 times)

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March 08, 2008, 08:21:34 pm
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Anybody know this company and if it is an alias of RBN?

The server was previously a call home for Zlob.

Now it hosts (

Name Servers: (
Name Servers: (

They are supposed to be an advertising and consulting company. The contact information they have on the site is as follows:
phone: 8 800 200 2238
phone: +7495 101 2238

Limassol, Cyprus
phone: +357 25 835605
fax: +357 25 760075

RB communication Ltd.
Panayides Building, 1 Chrysonthou Mylona Str.
Post address: P.O. Box 56675, 3309 Limassol, Cyprus
mail: ( uses the same name servers as

The whois information for clickcashmoney uses PrivacyProtect, however it originally had the same information as the contact information for So we know they are owned by the same company. And we know that clickcashmoney promotes Zlob. So could it just be a coincedence, that somebody paying clickcashmoney is affiliated with Zlob (we have seen before that legitimate advertising companies have promoted malware), or could it be that clickcashmoney is involved. I wouldn't like to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. Maybe this is just a single case, and that the traffic both incoming and outgoing is not coming from or going to bad sites normally. ( risecash is also owned by

Hosts various sites, which appear to be legitimate, the only one that stands out, is a pharmaceuticals site: (

Doesn't seem to be any suspicious activity at the sites hosted there:

March 08, 2008, 08:59:52 pm
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Quote ( uses the same name servers as
I also wouldn't like to jump quickly to assumptions,but well,
having said the above with the usual scheme of using PrivacyProtect...
and since both and seem to appear in blocklists...