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February 28, 2008, 08:17:37 pm
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Gee,hadn't noticed that - now,that's what I call news...
The short announcement that VirusBuster made,in their main page:

Times are indeed changing,what more can I say...

February 29, 2008, 12:58:07 am
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Great news! Thanks for sharing. For those who don't know-- 29a claims to have written the first Windows 2000, Windows Mobile/PocketPC virus. Their members have been arrested, prosecuted, offered security jobs, etc. I really wonder if they're gone for good or just going deeper underground... Either way, I won't miss them. :)


February 29, 2008, 09:53:32 am
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Either way, I won't miss them.
Rotfl...  :)
Don't know,kind of mixed feelings about it...
it's exactly what you said about "going deeper" that worries me,
and certainly not for them specifically:
after all,they've been quite inactive/not productive,
at least officially as a 'team',since quite some time...

But at least back then,when they were at their "forte",
there appeared to at least exist some kind of "ethics/spirit",
if it can be even be called this way - supposedly in the name of research/knowledge etc...
A few really tough coders there...and well,in quite a few ways,
we have to admit that even in a completely "twisted/reverse" sense of doing things,
they shared part of their inner knowledge to people/end-users/researchers out there:
someone could even say that exactly when this 'vx spirit' faded way,
it's when today's malware spread havoc started getting place...
if not them personally,at least malware itself went far "way deeper" and complicated...

In it's simplest form...what's more preferable to have to deal against:
a virus by someone who wants to make a name out of him in the..."scene",
or a botnet working in fast flux,with money stealing purposes...
The effects of both are the same if talking about a single one personal computer,
but when inspected under a mass-scale comparison view...the results are way more scary.  :(

Then again,maybe this was just the physical evolution of malware,
and somehow,the most possible "way down the road"...
as more stuff out there gets open-sourced and newer technologies get developed...