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Web pages that contain exploits often use a series of redirects and obfuscated code to make it more difficult for somebody to follow. MalZilla is a useful program for use in exploring malicious pages. It allows you to choose your own user agent and referrer, and has the ability to use proxies. It shows you the full source of webpages and all the HTTP headers. It gives you various decoders to try and deobfuscate javascript aswell.

It was previously released only as a private beta, but has now moved to a public beta stage. You can download MalZilla at the MalZilla sourceforge page here.

There is a guide for using MalZilla made available here

Malzilla updated to 0.9.2
Also a new tutorial in Documents section.

I apologize, 0.9.2 was a broken release :(
Fixed and uploaded as
The download mirrors will be updated (hopefully) in one hour.

Anyone willing to translate Malzilla to other languages?

I'm preparing next release, and I would like to include a couple of translations with the release.

There is some 200 strings to translate. Unicode is supported, so one can even translate to Chinese or Arabic.
Translation tool is also available.

I'm still polishing the interface, so the string list is still not complete, but if anyone applies for translating, I would prepare the list in ~10 days.

I'll try my best to get an exact translation for Greek,
whenever you think the strings' list is ready,pass it over...  :)


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