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Meant to post this when I posted about hpObserver but completely forgot about it ....

What is vURL Desktop Edition?

vURL Desktop Edition (vURL DE) is the desktop version of the extremely popular vURL service that we've been running for quite some time now.

This application has been developed solely to provide those that like our service, an alternate method of doing such. This edition also helps to save on my own server costs as it is entirely standalone*, requiring only your own internet connection.

vURL Desktop Edition currently allows you to get and save the source code of any website you fancy with the click of a button, and additionally, see a list of files it currently links to.

As with the online version of the vURL service, this application is and will remain, completely free for both personal and business use.

Current version: 0.2.6 (released a few mins ago)

Changes in this release:

Added: Server IP PTR
Added: Check MDL status (

Modified: hpHosts status now shown in main source window aswell

Fixed: Corrected minor issue with Owner info not showing if using MS XML method

Misc: Other minor modifications

System Requirements

Windows 98 or above
64MB Ram
Internet connection
VB6 Runtime files (SP5 recommended)

Additional file's are also required, but should be already present on most systems. If not, these can be found in the Dependancies package on the programs download page.



Version: 0.2.7


Fixed: Minor issue when extracting links from meta refresh tag

Misc: Other minor modifications

Version: 0.2.8


Added: Save source to file, including list of links

Fixed: IP not detected when dissecting FTP link containing @ symbol (see notes)
Fixed: Double seperator on right click when not selecting link in source window
Fixed: WhoIs info not displayed when dissecting IP instead of hostname

Modified: Updated ReadMe (Release Notes > General Information)

Misc: Other minor modifications

--- Quote ---Notes:

Previously when dissecting FTP links, the IP was not extracted if the link contained the @ symbol, as is now commonly used by phishers.

To see an example of this, please see the two following links. The first is an example e-mail I received for an eBay phishing scam, and the second, the vURL DE results for the FTP link.
--- End quote ---

Just a note that the online version of this has been completely re-written, and now has a new home :)

Version: 0.2.9

Added: Colour coding based on hpHosts classification (see notes)
Added: hpHosts classification now shown if listed
Added: PhishTank integration
Added: Clear All option to context menu (requested)

Fixed: Minor error with JS escaping when string contains line break or tabs

Misc: Other minor modifications

--- Quote ---Notes:

I've modified the hpHosts query to bring it inline with the new hpHosts query that I wrote for vURL Online. This now also includes a new colour coding, based on classification;

1. Not yet classified = orange
2. ATS or GRM = Yellow
3. All others (EMD, FSA, EXP etc) = red

--- End quote ---



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