Author Topic: antivirus of choice for you guys  (Read 5125 times)

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July 15, 2008, 05:28:45 pm
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so whatta you guys use?

i'm torn between eset, and avira, avira is tops for detection, but there software isn't well intigrated and looks like it's from the 50's

eset is well intigrated, works with windows mail, and has decent heuristics

that being said

i'm using eset currently, just switched back from avira :)

July 15, 2008, 08:02:11 pm
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Free = Avira
Paid = NOD32 + Kaspersky

Steven Burn
I.T. Mate / hpHosts /

July 15, 2008, 10:09:32 pm
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My reply will be kinda long,forgive me in advance...

So,first comes the..."quick and short" answer...Kaspersky.Why this choice?
Not say because I consider it the 'best' product overall...
one of the most effective certainly though.
But because at the time being,it has by far the most complete packers' detection,
along with an excellent unpacking engine as well,lmao...
Fiddling around with packers is one of my main hobbies around,thereby...  :)
Ie.choice above has to do almost strictly with my personal interests,
not my personal view regarding the security that the various AV products offer...
This,I will describe just now,let's call it...the "long and alternative" answer...

To be honest,say latest couple of years or so,
I don't have an AV product running here in "resident" mode at all,lmao...  ;D

I spend at least 98% of time under virtualized enviroments,say DeepFreeze/Returnil etc...
Under virtualized mode,I somewhat regularly do make use of the online browser-based scanners,
that various AV companies make available...alternatively,per occasion,
i might make use of various trial versions for "on-demand" scanning mode...

If I wasn't "afraid" mainly of browser-based exploits (as well as yet unknown 0-days...),
I would probably do the above even more rarely.
Because I tend to analyze up to the maximum that I am capable of,
almost every not-necessary-to-be-trusted .exe that ends up here...
Note though,that say 85-90% of the apps that I make use of,are open src projects,
ie.the risk is greatly reduced when compared to various supposedly freeware out there...
'Freeware' app with no src coming along? -> VirusTotal,manual analysis here,
and VirusTotal again,say in a couple of weeks or so,lmao...simple as that  :)

July 16, 2008, 06:39:38 pm
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Kaspersky too, because of packers and archive detection. I do not use any real-time protection.