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April 14, 2010, 02:42:02 pm
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Kyuss is a rewritten version of Fragus, its characteristics are:

-=[ Administrator Toolbar:
  • Attractive design
  • Multilingual interface (Russian, English)
  • Administrator Toolbar is protected by the password
  • Advanced statistics for browsers (including versions), operating systems, countries, exploits
  • Possibility to check urgent summary data without page reloading
  • Files are uploadet from Administrator Toolbar
  • Possibility to specify name of the file, with which Your EXE will be uploadet into the system
  • Possibility to distinguish traffic between Sellers and to keep Seller-by-Seller independent statistics
  • Possibility to indicate his own file for each Seller or to upload a random one
  • Possibility for each Seller to indicate his own kit from Exploit List, and also for total traffic, what makes possible to shut down exploits, inhibiting browser, for resource, where you can't be found
  • Possibility to give Seller a unique link on a separate page with statistics for data verification without authorization
  • Possibility both to clean general statistics and for each Seller separately
  • Fragus enables to watch over feedbacks of each exploit and to display it easy-to-use way; possibility to feedback on URL has many EXE
  • Permits you to find quickly link on traffic as in open or encoded (encoded iframe) type for total traffic and for each Seller separately
  • All preferences are available right from Administrator Toolbar

-=[ System features:
  • Exploits imaging of high quality with possibility of checking with the help of ajax whether current exploit infects or not before loadint the next one. This option can be disabled in Administrator Toolbar
  • Possibility to edit host on necessary URL after it is done allows not to lose used traffic, and to utilize it pro domo sua. Also you can edit on a separate URL those, who visits exploits pack twice or more
  • Complete exploits modularity in th system. Your coder will be able to add them easily
  • Zero-written cryptor of exploits doesn't overload browser, but nevertheless protects exploits pack safely from antiviruses
  • Cryptor lies in separate file and if you want you can easily add you cryptor
  • Patterns of pages on exploits imaging, with the page for those who visits twice,lie separately, disguising as 404 error. And it won't be very difficult for you to edit them so it will suit your own ends
  • Patterns of Administrator Toolbar also lies separately, so those who doesn'y like our design can change it easily
  • Fragus hides from searchbots, what disables domain detection
  • highly optimized for operating with massive traffic flows and minimum load on server
  • Installation will take less than 2 minutes. You don't have to get into file or edit smth manually. Installation wizard will hepl you

-=[ Kyuss adds:
  • Rewritten 75% of code (all exploits new, encoder new, etc)
  • Autocheck your domain for blacklist & malware lists (Norton SafeWeb, Google Safe Browsing, Malc0de, Malwaredomainlist, Malwareurl and hpHosts)
  • Encryption of ALL exploits "on-the-fly"
  • Protection system of your pack against analysis systems
  • Blocking filters (IP , cookies, exploited IPs)

-=[ Exploits:
  • MDAC
  • MS DirectShow
  • MS09-002
  • MS Spreadsheet
  • MS Snapshot
  • MS COM
  • MS IE "iepeers.dll" Remote Code Execution
  • MS IE multiple ActiveX bugs
  • Java
  • PDF all (Util.printf, Collab.collectEmailInfo, Collab.getIcon and newplayer)

-=[ Images:

for more information:

Price: 800 USD
Ruining the bad guy's day

April 25, 2010, 05:35:29 pm
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lol, this is rewritten Fragus  ;D