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Spent the greater part of last night and this morning trying to help resolve an issue with wiybia toolbar.

I was receiving a warning that this site may harm your computer for my blog.
Also Google was reporting my blog as an attack site via

also avast 5.0 pro warning of infection.

I've moved the toolbar to a test blog
and informed wibiya at there forum and also my blog community forums as well though wibiya has told me they fixed the problem it still exists for one person using firefox and IE using Avast 4.8.1368 VPS 100403-1

I'm running chrome sandboxed with Avast Pro 5.0.462 virus definition 100404-0 with no such warning anymore on my blog but I do get a warning visiting

Here is the warning I was getting from Avast (URL split to prevent a clickable line here):
Sign of "HTML:RedirME-inf [Trj]" has been found in "http:/ / imgdownloads . com/in.cgi?5\{gzip}" file..
and its still throwing up for someone helping me diagnose this issue any help is appreciated.

Forgive me if this is in the wrong section I joined here today.

Thanks Lisa

Would you please let me know the url of your blog ?
If you don't want to publish the url, then please send me a private message.

I don't see a problem in Wibiya scripts at the moment. Let me know your url and I'll check it.

Sure its a test blog so no problem

The site that is in question at this moment is which hosts wibiya
from what I know see what you get when visiting that site as it is what avast reports and google

Here is the thread I started at wiybia

Here is the thread I started in my blogger forums

Thanks Lisa

No problem here.

There is no redirect to imgdownloads . com when visiting your site.

Ok Thank You I guess they did manage to clean it out but that domain is infected for sure I've researched on google and found others with the same issue , some of the websites not having the toolbar so maybe in ads or the like.

Any how for what its worth I've reported this site to google.

 Happy Easter Lisa


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