Author Topic: IMPORTANT: READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 38017 times)

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May 17, 2009, 02:10:37 pm
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Firstly I would like to start by thanking everybody that has contributed malcious websites to this site. As it is a community driven project, without your help this site would not exist. While it is pretty much a thankless job that we do, various researchers use this site, and I'd like to think it makes a great difference.

I'd just like to post a guideline for posting malicious websites. It is not compulsory, if you are comfortable with the way you already post, then please continue to do so. This is aimed more towards new users.

1.) Putting URLs inside [nobbc][/nobbc] will stop the URL from being active, and it also makes the post look tidier.

2. Putting a URL on a single line, with a brief description of why you are listing it. Seperated by a space or multiple spaces, such as Trojan Exploits

All the URLs that are added to the database are verified manually, so this will make the job a lot easier.

3.) If you are posting about an entry in the database which already exists and needs to be either modified, or marked as Inactive, please can you state it. For example

Needs Modifying because the IP is now different from the one in the database. Trojan


Once again, I'd like to thank everybody that contributes to this website in some way. Your help is appreciated. And without you this site would not be possible.

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