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May 08, 2008, 03:20:32 pm
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As of today,8 May 2008,
public access to the "Malicious Domains" section of MDL,
has been restricted to people with at least 10 posts (or more).

In case the number of posts you've made is less than this,
but you feel that you should be able to browse the specific sub-section,
then please,do send a message explaining the reason you should be granted access...
This obviously goes up for people working in the AV/security industry,
well-known individual researchers etc...
Few extra words of notice for guests/visitors etc...

The above sub-section of MDL's forum is meant for individual researchers,
that want to share their experience/knowledge in the fight against malware.
It is certainly NOT a "free" service to be misused by skiddies,vxtraders and similar:
if these guys want to have daily access to newer "live" malware samples,
then they should do the hard and "dirty" work by themselves...

Under NO circumstances we're willing to make life easier for them...
Having said that,if anyone has a problem with the aformentioned restrictions,
his/her complaints should be forwarded to the leechers mentioned above...
I deeply hope that this passes the message in the most clear form.