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If someones website goes to "" what can they do to fix it?

1. Remove all malicious scripts from ALL files (i.e. restore a backup)
2. Lockdown ALL scripts (JS and PHP etc), and change FTP etc passwords

Thanks, how can I do that?  Is there a step-by-step guide I can follow for someone with basic skills.  Will my website host be able to help also?

Your host may have a backup, but you shouldn't rely on that. They will however, be able to reset your FTP etc passwords for you.

If you don't have a clean copy of the websites files (e.g. stored locally on your computer), then your choices are severely limited as they are;

1. Download all of the files, and run through their respective source codes, and remove the malicious source code
2. Start the website from scratch

How do I know what the malicious source code is?


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