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The four sites listed below have lists of domains which are considered bad, they may host malware/badware, or perhaps just have advertisements. The lists are in hosts file format.

MalwareDomainList Hosts List
hpHosts Hosts List Hosts List
MVPS winhelp2002 Hosts List
Camelon Hosts List

The websites below keep lists of domains hosting malware.
Malware Hiperlinks List
WebHelper4U Domains List
Koffix Sites List
BleedingThreats Blackhole DNS
Spyware-Free Domains Blacklist
BlueTack Forum
Malware Domains

And the site below reviews websites for various criteria, such as phishing/scams, whether they ask for your email address and spam you, or if they host malware.
McAfee SiteAdvisor

StopBadware Also has a list of sites which may harm your computer.

MysteryFCM: 30-06-2009 - Removed URL as the domain hasn't existed for a very long time, added MDL and hpHosts files to the list

john, i wish you would provide a HOSTS file with all of the malware-links that are listed at "malware domain list"..

Here is another well kept hosts file:

Database is now kept by MysteryFCM, dedicated to keeping the scum on the lists even if they are associated with malware sites. Sort of a 'sleep with dogs, get fleas' mentality

And on hpHosts Online you can check to see if a particular site is listed in the database, if not, you can submit it for inclusion.

It currently provides an encompassing amount of info on each site queried and is going to be improved to provide even more soon. He has classifications to why a site was listed too, which is fairly new, so some of the older sites may not have it.

I use the site heavily and contribute quite a bit too. Steven is a good friend and keeps his pulse on the malware scene as well as a force in getting phish sites shut down.

Check it out, I think you'll find it very useful. The more tools we have the better.


--- Quote from: redwolfe_98 on February 19, 2008, 06:25:36 am ---john, i wish you would provide a HOSTS file with all of the malware-links that are listed at "malware domain list"..

--- End quote ---

Here you go: Malware Domain List Hosts File

thanks, john :) lol i can't thank you enough..


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