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Hello... i see my new posts lost

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It is okay.


--- Quote from: Edgar Bangkok on October 29, 2007, 02:31:56 am ---Sorry if i post many but now i know the mail addreess show problem.
I see if i am logged In forum is possible see all mails users also the option Hide email address from public is set to ON in profile setup.
When i am logout from forum i dont see my mail address and also address others people in forum.
Then i think option HIDE MAIL ADDRESS working only for visitors forum when logout.
I dont know if this system is ok ?? Maybe if one person want collects mails and use for spam make login and then is possible get all address from forum profiles. Yes ??

Edgar from Bangkok

--- End quote ---

When you are logged in as you, you can see your own IP and email with your posts.  Anyone else who isn't you can't.
Your email and IP are hidden from all members except you and John (the Admin)


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