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Russian Business Network


hello.. i read an article about "russian business network", today:

here is another article about "RBNetwork":

well, i looked, but i didn't find any mention of any websites that were being hosted by "RBN" in the list of malware-domains.. i am not saying that they are a source of a lot of malware, but, apparently, at least some malicious websites are being hosted by RBN, going by what i see in the "spamhaus" article..

update: i did another "search", searching for "rbnnetwork" and found one item:

so, i was wrong about there being no mention of any "RBN" web address..


here are some RBN servers distributing malware:

I heard that the people behind RBN also own Nevacon:

thanks, john.. looking through the list, i now see that there are many RBN ip addresses listed,they just aren't identified as such.. what led me to this website was searching for "cernel" and there were many ip addresses that were identified as "cernel", so i was expecting them all to be like that..

sorry i didn't reply sooner.. thanks for the work that you are doing..

No problem.


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