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MSE-looking Talking Malicious Fake Scan Site


This came up when a user of ours was on Pinterest looking up recipes for stuff.
She had clicked a link to a cocktail recipe for some kind of Suicide Squad drink, and it redirected to some "" site, then this came up.
The links above were various versions of it that I found in some .js files that were bringing her previous Firefox sessions back up with the tabs she was last viewing.  I managed to prevent the pop-up from coming back, even though the rest of the site came up, by adding: to the hosts file, preceded by
Attaching a screenshot of the page:

Quick update, the actual address is a long base64 thing, but by using the hosts list to block the popup, we were able to successfully back out of the site and close things.

I apologize for not deactivating the links to begin this thread... I've fixed it though.


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