Author Topic: WARNING: Blackhat SEO turns (once again) to exploits  (Read 2878 times)

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May 28, 2010, 11:43:17 am
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Not content with serving up fake AVs and the likes, it seems one of the blackhat SEO gangs have one again, turned to serving up exploits instead. Obviously this leads to a fake AV infection aswell, but I thought this worth mentioning.

The story starts not surprisingly, at Google, where you're searching for your favourite TV show, news clip, or something completely random, such as why you always wake up on the right side of the bed when going to sleep on the left.

You find a result and go "Ooooh, that'll have my answer", and go clickity click - but woops! You find yourself going through the recognizable MITM (man in the middle), in this case, ( - Failed resolution, AS48984 VLAF-AS Vlaf Processing Ltd), and on to an exploit (in this case, at ( - Failed resolution, AS6851 BKCNET _SIA_ IZZI) and ( - Failed resolution, AS6851 BKCNET _SIA_ IZZI).

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